Welcome to Audio Element, a contemporary audio experience!

Audio Element is a product of a well-established and respected tradition of quality. Owner and Founder Brian Berdan’s solid foundation of experience with high end audio, as well as a life-time of real world interaction within the industry, catapults Audio Element into a new generation of high end audio stores.  

In recent years, the culture of immersive listening has continued to grow rapidly, despite the current quality prevalent in mobile audio. We offer a carefully chosen selection of finely matched equipment that aims to redefine excellent sound reproduction and set a new standard. 

We hope to share a welcoming and empathetic environment with you and are eager to share our counsel and knowledge to help you enjoy the richest musical life possible. Please come, visit, and enjoy the music.

Wilson Audio SASHA series 2   dCS Vivaldi

                                  AMG Turntable With Benz LP-S

Grand Prix Audio Monaco Turntable With Tri-Planar SE and Lyra Etna Cartridge